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About Beckham Martial Arts & Fitness

40 years of Community Service

Beckham Martial Arts & Fitness has provided self-defense lessons for men, women, children, churches, corporate, college, universities, law enforcement, and numerous organizations throughout the Upstate. Our reputation and service record speak for themselves. We were the first martial art school in Greenville to offer practical, realistic, and effective self-defense techniques with the training geared toward the average person. Joe Beckham has hands-on experience from his State Constable commission that brought his system of diverse techniques to a different level. Mr. Beckham’s approach to training is rational, applicable and valuable in the world we now live in.

Children’s Program

Certainly a child’s education is important to all parents. Public, private, and home schooled children are learning the basics of education that provide them with the foundations for living. But to gain a deeper sense of confidence and self-esteem a child must train routinely in the principles of good citizenship. Principles such as humility, respect, integrity, honor, and dignity. Our children’s program is structured and dedicated to providing children with methods of experience towards bettering their character. Every child that trains with us has improved in their grades, behavior and understanding of home life.

Mental and Physical Fitness

Stress is the enemy of all of us! It is this unseen enemy that attacks from all sides of life. To defend against this hidden foe we must be well educated in conflict resolution and organize ourselves to combat this adversary that we may live a happier and healthier life style. At BMAF our training routines are safe and practical. We offer a well-rounded system of self-defense techniques that build a strong physical foundation. Balance, coordination, agility, power, and speed are physical elements that aid in efficient techniques of self-protection. Along this path of routine training a student gains self-confidence, self-respect, and self-control.

Can you Answer These Questions?

What if you were attacked today! Do you know who is going to attack you? Do you know how they will attack you? Do you know what they will attack you with? (Knife, club, gun, scissors, screwdriver, hands). Do you know where you will be attacked? We provide one of the most comprehensive systems of self-protection in the area always with a strong emphasis on safety! Our methodology of instruction is tried and true offering a versatile approach to the improvement of your character. Our agenda is helping you become a more confident, productive, and optimistic individual in today’s society.