A Serious Issue

Read this and think deeply about the seriousness of this! South Carolina ranks 7th in the Union in violent crimes! (A violent crime is when an offender threatens or uses force on their victim.) The majority of violent crimes go un-reported! S.C. ranks number ONE in fatal violent crimes against women! 94% of these women[…]

San-Dan Promotion – Paul Crews

        Last night, Paul Crews was promoted to Shodan (1st degree black belt). Hard-working, dedicated, passionate Paul Crews. He has a heart of caring and lives that out by his actions. I know he is humbled by this promotion and will always remain a “student” in the Art. Our sincerest congratulations, Sensei[…]

Another Anniversary

It was on Saturday, August 16, 1980 from 1030 until noon. I was the 17th adult student, (17 be my lucky number), meaning there were 16 adult students ahead of me. The dojo (place of training) was only 500 sq. ft. but adequate. Located in Spartanburg. I lived 5 minutes away. I remember the day[…]

Senior Students

Above:  Mr. Joe Beckham, surrounded by most of his current brown and black belts. We had a huge turn out last night with several people representing each rank – white through third degree black belt. A visitor watching the class yesterday evening had this say: everyone was friendly, helpful, encouraging. BMAF offers a very positive[…]