FREE Self-Defense Class for Women

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Did you know that South Carolina is ranked #1 in domestic violence cases? We can’t change these numbers alone, but we can do our part to help. Beckham Martial Arts & Fitness is offering FREE women’s self-defense classes throughout October to women in the Upstate. On Saturday, October 15th,[…]

A Serious Issue

Read this and think deeply about the seriousness of this! South Carolina ranks 7th in the Union in violent crimes! (A violent crime is when an offender threatens or uses force on their victim.) The majority of violent crimes go un-reported! S.C. ranks number ONE in fatal violent crimes against women! 94% of these women[…]

San-Dan Promotion – Paul Crews

        Last night, Paul Crews was promoted to Shodan (1st degree black belt). Hard-working, dedicated, passionate Paul Crews. He has a heart of caring and lives that out by his actions. I know he is humbled by this promotion and will always remain a “student” in the Art. Our sincerest congratulations, Sensei[…]

Teaching Kids the Martial Way

Beckham Martial Arts & Fitness has a long history of teaching children to be respectful young martial artists. We clean the dojo after every class. This young man jumped at the opportunity to help out by vacuuming the mats the other night. He wasn’t asked – HE asked if he could please help! If you[…]