FREE Self-Defense Class for Women

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Did you know that South Carolina is ranked #1 in domestic violence cases? We can’t change these numbers alone, but we can do our part to help. Beckham Martial Arts & Fitness is offering FREE women’s self-defense classes throughout October to women in the Upstate. On Saturday, October 15th,[…]

I-Kyu Promotion – Blair Stephenson

Last week during the adult class, Blair Stephenson was promoted to I-Kyu (first class student, brown belt). Congratulations! The road to Aikido perfection is replete with stumbles, trips, falls, and “toe stubs”! No one gets a free pass from the challenging aspects of training. If you want skill and desire to improve yourself you are[…]

San-Dan Promotion – Paul Crews

        Last night, Paul Crews was promoted to Shodan (1st degree black belt). Hard-working, dedicated, passionate Paul Crews. He has a heart of caring and lives that out by his actions. I know he is humbled by this promotion and will always remain a “student” in the Art. Our sincerest congratulations, Sensei[…]

Run a business… or teach a martial art

“Run a business… or teach a martial art? Very few get this. I’ve even been associated with men that like to dupe you into thinking they are teaching a martial art but in fact are only running a business. (Men of this ilk would do better to run a bakery.) Their agenda is your money[…]