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Ask any one of our students - training at BMAF is a positive, potentially life-altering decision. Check out our reviews on Facebook, Google Search, etc., and then come for a visit to see what we're all about.

"Joe Beckham is a serious man and a gifted teacher with a generous heart. I signed my son up for classes 9 months ago after investigating several other studios, and have only grown more impressed with BMAF over the course of his first year of study. Mr. Beckham is demanding with the children -- he is, after all, educating them to live in a world that is a demanding place. He obviously cares for them and delights in their progress. He takes the children seriously, treating all of them as if they can and will learn what he has to teach, if only they will listen and practice. His older students are frequently present to help with class, and are profoundly loyal to him, which tells you everything you need to know. My wife and I try hard to surround our children with those rare people who exemplify human excellence. Mr. Beckham is one of them. My only regret is that I don't have time to sign up for classes for myself."

Benjamin Storey

“Beckham Martial Arts and Fitness is so much more than just learning moves and getting belts. Mr. Beckham teaches honor, discipline, focus, respect, kindness, integrity and so many other core Christian values that are priceless and rare. My daughter was born 3 months early and has trouble with focus, coordination, and processing information. She struggles in class and has to be refocused and redirected a lot. But, as long as we don’t give up, Mr. Beckham doesn’t give up. It may be years before she earns a yellow belt, but that’s what makes the belt and this practice so special. It will be well earned through much practice, effort, determination, and strength of character. In addition, my little girl will know how to defend herself against an attacker. Something that is becoming more and more essential to know. Those are the priceless lessons Mr. Beckham teaches and I am so grateful we found this place and this instructor.”

Sarah Stull

“Beckham Martial Arts has provided my wife and me a wonderful and valuable experience. Joe Beckham leads the training with individual, personal attention, getting to know each student well. His passion for the martial arts and for teaching is infectious. It builds a comeraderie among everyone involved in the school. The main objective is to teach and develop effective tools for self defense. Mr. Beckham and his team of experienced black belts all work together to provide a wealth of knowledge, offering a significant range of moves derived from various martial art disciplines. The school offers excellent training for all skill levels from the pure beginner to those wanting to master or hone new techniques. The dojo is professional and exceptionally clean. I highly recommend this school and appreciate its goal of helping build confident, respectful, productive citizens in our community.”

Tom Felton

“This place was heaven sent to my family. My son has matured and is becoming a strong young man. If you join you will not be disappointed!”

Stacey Garraux

“I’ve never met such a group of decent, friendly people who truly enjoy taking swings at and throwing each other around for an hour or two a few times a week. I leave every class and each partner activity having learned something new…”

Blair Stephenson

“Simply put ‘The Best of the Best’. Great people/students. Great school/dojo. Great Instructor.”

Rick Haskett

“Great instructor. He loves the kids and teaches real life situations.”

Randi Schneider

“A honest martial arts school that strives in producing self defense for the individual in an ever changing combative age. A safe environment to train and hone your skills in the martial arts.”

Shawn Christopher

“Professional, knowledgeable,and impressive. Great for the kids, my daughter is obsessed.”

Jonathan Davis